Transport Services

We purchased a 2007 International 3200 shuttle bus (shown above) to safely and comfortably transport greyhounds in a climate controlled environment and under the constant supervision of volunteers. The bus has been professionally outfitted with crates that can haul up to 26 hounds. There is storage for equipment and supplies and seating for up to 4 volunteers.  The entry has a motorized ramp for those hounds that aren't familiar with steps or for those "special" needs hounds.



We have been in contact and consulted with several other greyhound transport organizations around the country.  Drawing on their experience and with thorough research, the group has devised a comprehensive and rigorous set of transport protocols to ensure the safety of the hounds and the volunteers transporting them.  

Safety Highlights

All runs are under the supervision of at least two experienced greyhound owners, trained in canine first aid and CPR and in our rigorous transportation guidelines. All trips follow a prescribed route with emergency contacts provided at various stages of the route.


The vehicle is maintained by professional diesel mechanics and inspected prior to each trip.  The crates are cleaned and disinfected after each haul to ensure the health of each "passenger". We are fully insured.