Our Sponsors

The following groups have been generous donors by sponsoring  the bus or a crate.

Aid 4 Greys was formed to help greyhound groups across the country by providing cash grants and merchandise. There are so many groups in need, that they felt they had to do their part in helping every retired racer find his or her forever home. They have been very generous in supporting our mission.

"Every dollar of profit goes to help the hounds.  We are all volunteers.  We are proud of our success in raising funds for greyhound groups in need. 

Our volunteers make top-quality, yet affordable collars and toys for your pets, including the World famous "Mother Bunny" Bunnies, and our beautiful AnyWear Martingale and Tag Collars.  For those dogs who use a harness, our beautiful tag collars can provide that special designer touch, available in all of the gorgeous fabrics on the collar pages."

Beggin’ To Behave
Dog training and obedience
Sandy Strychor, ABCDT




Obedience, puppy, manners, dominance, fearful/shy, problem solving

Specializing in greyhounds

Serving Westmoreland County and the

Eastern Suburbs of Pittsburgh

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A Fun-Draising Enterprise - Giving it all away!

Northcoast Greyhounds is not your usual vendor. They are a "not-for-profit" small business contributing 100% of what they earn, from the sale of their unique products, to support greyhound welfare and adoption groups.  Some of those products include chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, S. Lewis Fabric Art, Memorial Hearts and many other unique gifts.


Check out their online store here.

Check out a list of organizations who have benefited from their charity here.