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Did Someone Say Road Trip

Pepe boarded the Victory Lap bus, got himself comfortable, and relaxed while he headed to his waiting adoption group, Monica's Heart. Pepe was one of 20 hounds who made their way to adoption groups via the Vlap bus on March 3rd.

Once we off loaded all the donated goodies to Ray's waiting vehicle, hounds started to climb aboard the Vlap bus. Ray and his wife Belinda are volunteers who help get the hounds ready for the waiting adoption groups. After everyone was on board, I jumped in the driver's seat, set the GPS and we headed on our way.

Once on the highway, Chris and Jane started their "flight attendant" duties. Throughout the entire haul, volunteers walk up and down the aisle getting to know our "passengers" and ensuring they were settling in. Our volunteers tend to all of the hounds' needs...whether it is giving them attention, a treat, or changing any soiled bedding, they are continually doted upon.

Our first stop was Breezewood on the PA Turnpike where we met Peg and Kay of Monica's Heart. Six lovely hounds were escorted off the bus and were loaded into waiting vehicles where they continued on their journey.

Next stop was Carlisle on the PA Turnpike where we met two other volunteers with Monica's Heart, Linda and Sandy. Here, four more hounds were anxiously received.

We then headed to New Jersey where we met Lisa with Greyhound Angels at their new kennel. Lisa stepped onto the bus and was so happy to see her six, waiting hounds. We talked about how previous hounds from the last haul were doing. Lisa couldn't wait to get her new crew settled in.

As darkness was fast approaching, we got back on the road and headed to our last stop for the night. We were meeting Lisa with Grateful Greyhounds in Connecticut. The last four, precious hounds stepped off the bus, got a quick potty walk, and were placed into Lisa's waiting vehicle.

After the last pup left the bus, we said our goodbyes to Lisa and headed off to Christine's place to call it a night. There, we knew we'd get a good night's sleep and a delicious breakfast before we headed back home the next day.

As we were driving back home, we talked the entire time about the hounds we met and their impact on us. Each hound touches your heart in a special way. We laugh about how some let you know they are there and want your undivided attention. We wonder what some are thinking as they sit quietly looking out the window, watching the world go by. We are in amazement as others step on the bus, enter their crate, fluff their blankets, settle in, and fall fast asleep, only to wake when the bus stops.

Our hearts are full of happiness after every haul.

When the bus settles into its parking spot and we unload our belongings, hugs and high fives are given for a job well done and our final goodbye includes...."Can't wait to do this again...see ya next time."

A Special Thank You!

**A special thanks goes out to our generous donor for all the food and treats that were recently provided. We, in turn, donate the food to Belinda and Ray to help them with the hounds in their care.**