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A Short, But Cool Story

Hi everyone! Vinnie here, from Mardi Gras Race Track and Casino in Charleston, WV. I’m one of the many retired Greyhound racers who has traveled with those greyt people from Victory Lap Greyhound Transport. I wanted to tell you a quick story, if you’ve got a couple of minutes.

A bunch of friends and I were heading out to the beach a couple of weeks ago. There were 15 of us and we were ready to party. You see, we had all just retired and were heading to the east coast to hang on some couches, eat ice cream and enjoy the good life in our forever homes. So we opted to travel in style. That’s right, we hired the Victory Lap Greyhound Transport Bus to get us to our new homes.

Have you seen this Bus? It is all tricked out. Everyone gets his or her own crate, WITH BEDDING. They even have cabin service for all our needs - you want some water, they bring you water; you want a snack, they bring you a snack. Very cool for some very cool dogs.

But anyway, we were just getting near the Jersey shore when the air conditioning went out on the bus. And let me tell you – it’s not just any air conditioning unit on this bus. This beauty has 3 units so me and my hounds be chillin’ the whole way home.

Joe, Dave and Mark did the best they could to keep us cool but then they lost a second unit. That’s right, we were chillin’ (at least trying to) with only one unit. Well, it got pretty hot and steamy on that bus, but luckily we were almost home. I know it must have been hot for Joe, Dave and Mark on the ride home too, but we never heard them complain one bit. They were only concerned about us and made sure we were comfortable.

When we were getting close to our vacation destination, I overheard Mark telling Dave it would cost about $750 to fix the air conditioning. Yoi! But I know they were going to do it right – they have all their work done by those great guys at 1st Out Specialty Vehicles & Equipment in Moon Township. They’re the ones who did the customized crates for us and have performed all the needed repairs on our “dog hauler.” These guys know their stuff!

The reason I’m telling you all of this is I was wondering if you might like to help Victory Lap out with some of the repair costs. You see, they drive us around and take us to the beach and to our new homes just about every other weekend. And when they’re not driving us around, they’re fundraising so they can continue to fill the bus with my friends and keep us hounds rolling on down the road.

So far they have moved over 170 hounds, and in the next few weeks they’ve got two more hauls scheduled to the east coast and maybe even Detroit and Canada! Those two hauls will put Victory Lap Transport over 200 hounds who have been chauffeured to forever homes! Pretty cool, right?

So I was hoping you might like to help my friends on future hauls stay cool too. If you could donate a few dollars to help keep us safe and cool while traveling during the summer months, we would GREYTFULLY appreciate it! No amount is too small!! All of your donations will go toward the repair and maintenance of the Victory Lap Greyhound Transport bus, so that more of my friends can start their “cool” summer vacations safely and in style!

Thanks so much, and as they say at Victory Lap, “We Haul Tail!”