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"A Ticket Home" to Indianapolis, IN


Nov. 17, 2018 Here we are in Indianapolis. We have been trying, since mid-October, to bring up 8 greyhounds from Sunburst Adoption Kennel in Ebro. But transport challenges were insurmountable...until today. Finally, through the coordination of The Greyhound Alliance, transport was secured to bring up 14 greyhounds on the Victory Lap Greyhound Transport bus! Everyone of these greyhounds survived Hurricane Michael. Six have been waiting for a long long long time because they are black, no cat, male greyhounds. Two waited very long because they were heartworm positive, so they had to be treated at Sunburst until they were all better! We actually met 3 of them while we were visiting the kennels back in June. So, although our volunteers, adopters, and Putnamville offender-handlers think WE have waited a long time, these retired racers feel like they are the ones who were very patient! They waited a lot longer, being located in the panhandle, for reliable transport and A Ticket Home. We brought up every remaining greyhound that was in the kennel at the time Victory Lap pulled up! (All that is left behind are Ashley's cats who get the fun task of cat testing the dogs!)...So for a short time, the 70 greyhound kennels are empty, with the meows being louder than the roos....Until more retired racers find their way to Sunburst Adoption Kennel at Ebro, before they also get A Ticket Home!