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GPA Chapter - What Does It Mean?

A Chapter of Greyhound Pets of America

What Does It Mean?

Greyhound Pets of America was formed in 1987 and is the largest single non-profit greyhound adoption group worldwide. GPA National assists individual Chapters by providing support, guidance, education, encouragement, and knowledge. Whenever possible, GPA National provides financial support to Chapters in need via a series of grants.

Being a chapter within the umbrella of GPA means having the support of 30 plus chapters, a Board of Directors, and National Officers. It's about being part of a family whose love for Greyhounds always comes first. It's about being a part of a team that is filled with valuable resources and insight.

When Victory Lap Greyhound Transport (VLAP) was formed, we knew we wanted to be a part of a family that could provide us with the above. We applied to be an affiliate chapter with GPA on April 14, 2017.

Ann Bollens who is with the Sunburst Project, became our mentor and she was the perfect fit, having a wealth of knowledge related to transporting hounds. With Ann’s guidance, VLAP created, and put into practice, our safe hauling procedures as we ventured out on our first haul August 5, 2017. Ann has continued to provide us with assistance along the way. VLAP received full GPA chapter status on November 2, 2017.

GPA is hosting a Conference in October, 2018 in Kansas City, MO. At this conference, there will be representatives from the various chapters, vendors, speakers, and other fellow greyhound lovers. This will be an opportunity for old and new friends to gather, learn, and share stories. It will be a time of friendship as GPA is planning lots of fun activities. Greyhounds are welcome. Please visit Greyhound Pets of America to learn more.