Whisper’s Journey

October 31, 2017

Some hauls are definitely different, needing the coordination and cooperation of several dedicated groups and individuals.

Meet Whisper, a beautiful, black, ‘spook’ greyhound that we helped in October 2017.  A greyhound spook is one with a pathological fear of everyone and everything with which, or whom, they are not intimately familiar.


Whisper’s team of special angels began with Ray and Belinda Cunningham from the Charleston Mardi Gras track. This couple works tirelessly to help move retired racers to adoption groups who can find them homes.


Joe Kubiak and Mark Paulson undertook the effort of picking shy little Whisper up in Charleston, WV and bringing her north to Pittsburgh, PA.


Kyle Catanzarite with Three Rivers Greyhounds helped arrange a drop site for this special pup along with Barb Draa and Judy Burke of Going Home Greyhounds who took her into their foster program.


It literally took a village to make Whisper’s transport a reality.


Thank you all!


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